Images of your land and your family, telling your story for tomorrow.

There is something breathtaking about our part of South Australia. Something that is hard to describe. It’s that feeling you get when you stand with your toes in the sand and stare out into the seemingly endless ocean totally at peace with the world. Or when you are taking a moment to catch your breath whilst working out in a paddock and contemplate the solitude that comes from the open land stretching out all around you.

My love of my region and the people in it has led me to this incredible career photographing life as I know it. From weddings, to families, to photographing community events, it's an absolute pleasure to be documenting life in our state's glorious South East.







meet jacqui

Jacqui Bateman is a rural photographer and part of a third-generation farming family, based in the Limestone Coast, South East of South Australia.

With a focus on creating beautiful images; portraits, family and lifestyle photography in rural South Australia, Jacqui is also available for location shoots both interstate and overseas.

Jacqui’s shooting style and chosen subject matter, reflect her love of the land and its people.  Her rural photography was showcased on the nationally broadcast ABC Landline television program, demonstrating Jacqui’s passion and utter love for the rural life.

The Legacy of the Land concept, launched in 2014, is a combination of breathtaking rural family portraits and a storytelling experience, which encompasses the whole family and its legacy.  Something to treasure today and a gift for future generations.

A range of beautifully crafted, archival-quality albums, coffee table books, framed prints and contemporary gifts are available.

Please call Jacqui today on 0427 343 132 to find out how your family can be immortalised on film. If email is more your thing, you can send Jacqui an email here.


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