Your Experience

The day of your photo shoot is an important one. These photographs will not only represent your family and loved ones, it will be a wonderful memory that you're reminded of every time you look at your artwork on the wall. We will plan your sitting with your family, your property and how you all enjoy your spare time in mind, so that you have a true record of your life, just as it is. 



Heirloom Products

Just as your engagement ring is an heirloom, so I believe that your photographs should be as well. I take great pride in offering stunning albums, wall prints and gift products for you and your family to enjoy their photographs for generations to come. 




I love it when people share my photos with their friends and family or on their own social media pages.

I do have a small favour to ask of those people who do share. I know no one likes rules, I’m hearing you so I’ll make them simple and hopefully easy to understand. I like everyone to be clear upfront on what is ok and what is not. 

Please only share directly from my sites so that people can find me if they like what they see.

Please don’t use any of these photos for any kind of commercial purpose, i.e a website, your new company brochure – this condition is for the protection of my valued clients as much as for myself. Imagine seeing your treasured image on an advert for a product you hate without your permission, that is just not cool for anyone involved!

Please don’t imply that you took one of my photos yourself – that’s beyond not cool.

Photographs are taken with the explicit understanding that copyright is retained by Jacqui Bateman in regards to the right to reproduce, scan or copy in any fashion.

To put it simply, feel free to share on Facebook, share on Twitter, Pinterest or which ever social media channel you use, just please make sure you share from my site or pages.

If you would like to use a photo for something other than personal sharing, i.e on your website or new company brochure, please contact me directly to discuss the possibility of a commercial license.