How To Pose Cattle – The Mooovie

Iknow you’ve secretly been dying to ask, so for everyone that has has ever wondered about posing animals for a photographic shoot, here’s the big tip: You can’t make cattle do anything.


Come on, you didn’t actually think I could control a cow!  They’ll do whatever they want to!

But in the case of the gorgeous formation of my bovine friends you can see in my Legacy of the Land series, I’ll admit, I may have helped them along just a little.

1. Place family in position and tell them to stand by.
2. Load the trusty Toyota Landcruiser with hay, put the boss on the back and assume the ‘farmer-feeding-hay’ stance.
3. Place the 12 year old son in the drivers seat and tell him to do a couple of loops and feed out a few slabs of hay to entice the steers closer.    (Steers are always the best because they’re so inquisitive).

4. Hope like heck that they stand in the right place.

Now because I know you are dying to get a look behind the scenes, here is ‘How To Pose Cattle…The Mooovie’!


Simone Hanckel