meet jacqui

My name’s Jacqui and I’m a photographer.

Other than raising a family and being a partner on our family farm, photography has been my life’s work and my craft. My work is an extension to my everyday life, not an addition to it. I’m a country girl in every aspect and am a fierce advocate for our agricultural industry and those who work in it, our incredible country and our way of life.

My blog is full of diggers, farmers, horses and families, because they are what I believe in. I hope you can see who I am as you look through it. This is not to say that I don’t stray abroad when I can. I’m unashamedly hooked on experiencing other cultures and capturing their way of life – but I’ll always return home, to where I belong.

I’ve never been a wordsmith and I really struggle to find words to describe myself - actually preferring my images to speak for me. I tell stories through my lens: Images allowing us to re-live moments in our lives and preserving them for future generations, as tangible evidence of how we lived and how we loved.

I don’t take snapshots, I record life - in it’s entirety. Every image tells a story and I invite you to experience them here (link). I’d be honoured to help you, tell yours.

Please call Jacqui today on 0427 343 132 to find out how your family can be immortalised in print. If email is more your thing, you can send Jacqui an email here.